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Our equipment line provides a wide range of options to enhance and complete your sanitation program.

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In head-to-head comparisons, Wayne Chemical products are the most optimized for maximum effectiveness and for lowest use cost. When you work with Wayne Chemical, you can count on the highest standards of integrity.

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Sanitation: we can find the right solution for your unique sanitation concerns
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I’ve been in the hog slaughter industry for 30+ years and I have not found a better Trolley cleaner than Wayne Chemical. I have recommended their WC-575 TROLLEY CLEANER to several other facilities who have experienced the same positive results.
Dan G., Operations Manager, Slaughter Facility

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Wayne Chemical’s Patented Hydrogen Peroxide combination of SOFTmetal® / O2XYadd® has provided excellent microorganism control in our RTE Departments while not effecting our non-stainless-steel equipment. They are also an excellent choice for effectively cleaning air handling units.
Sally M., Sanitation Manager, Ham Processing Facility

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I have been involved in all aspects of food processing and Wayne Chemical’s service capabilities are far superior to any other company I’ve ever dealt with. I have not encountered an issue they couldn’t solve. Excellent company to partner with!
Jimmy L., 2nd Shift Plant Manager, Snack Company

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I have been involved with contract cleaning and in-house sanitation in all capacities during my food industry career. Wayne Chemical’s technical capabilities to develop any cleaner I need has been very impressive and has helped me solve several cleaning issues.
Philip C., Sanitation Director, Slaughter Facility

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