The Problem: Cleaning Trolleys And Gambrels To Provide Full Sterilization

Cleaning trolleys and gambrels in hog slaughterhouse operations has always been notoriously difficult to clean due to the rubber material on the wheel of the trolley. Frequent exposure to chemical cleaners will eventually deteriorate the rubber material, so operators typically cannot submerge the entire trolley and gambrel into the cleaning chemical to provide full sterilization.

Cleaning trolleys and gambrels typically required the addition of an air agitation system for the clean-out-of-place (COP) tank and caustic powder-based cleaning agents. This method is inefficient, needlessly expensive, and often still results in USDA rejections for dirty trolleys and gambrels.

The Solution: WC-575 Trolley Cleaner: A Game Changer

As an experienced provider of chemical and equipment solutions for the meat and poultry industry, Wayne Chemical has been hearing about difficulties with trolley and gambrel cleaning from slaughterhouse customers for years. Our team decided to tackle the problem and look at it from a new angle.

The WC-575 Trolley Cleaner from Wayne Chemical has forever changed the way that slaughterhouse trolleys and gambrels are cleaned. The WC-575 system allows operators to fully submerge trolleys without damaging the wheel or bushing, resulting in clean trolleys and gambrels. The designers managed to eliminate the use of dangerous powdered caustic detergents, instead replacing them with a safer, more operator-friendly liquid solution.

In addition to safety improvements, the WC-575 Trolley Cleaner also eliminates air agitation from cleaning operations, lowers the required operating temperature of the COP tank, and improves rinse and air blower cabinet capabilities. Thanks to the mitigation of damage to trolley wheels and bushings, the system also has an added effect of decreasing chain tension on the trolley system by maintaining good rollability on the trolleys.

The Result: Multiple Wins: Cost Reductions And Process Improvements

The WC-575 Trolley Cleaner has been a game changer for every slaughterhouse operation that has implemented it. The system has generated significant cost reductions for every user by lowering water temperatures, eliminating air tension, and decreasing labor time spent on cleaning operations. One slaughter facility company was able to take one of their air compressors offline entirely due to the elimination of air agitation in the trolley COP tank, which resulted in savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Each facility using the WC-575 Trolley Cleaner has been very pleased with the results, and every facility has awarded Wayne Chemical with additional cleaning solution contracts for their facilities. All facilities have also reduced or eliminated instances of USDA rejections caused by dirty trolleys or gambrels.

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