Commercial Drains: A Petri Dish For Dangerous Microorganisms

Industry professionals have long recognized the potential of food processing drains to harbor dangerous pathogens like listeria and E.coli among many others. In fact, numerous studies have revealed viral, bacterial, and fungal contaminants not only present in drains but resistant to detergent-based cleaning. These microorganisms can quickly and easily spread across plant processing areas, posing a danger to public health through food contamination and making thorough sanitization challenging.

Industrial-Grade Solutions For Large-Scale Problems

Wayne Chemical is a trusted manufacturer of highly effective commercial disinfection solutions. Our chemical products help customers of all sizes solve and prevent sanitation problems. For over 50 years we’ve created sanitation products that meet the needs of the food processing industry. Using a binary system of patented alkaline, liquid hydrogen peroxide products, we deliver enhanced cleanliness without worries of corrosion or additional stress on wastewater systems.

Drain Cleaning Products Offered By Wayne Chemical

Alkaline hydrogen peroxide cleaning products from Wayne Chemical deliver a number of unique benefits to industrial drain applications. Not only do they effectively penetrate microbial biofilm, but they also are non-corrosive to equipment, drains, floors, and building materials. Our products feature a low environmental impact, are safe for wastewater systems, and can replace all chlorinated cleaners.

Our selection of drain-cleaning products includes:

  • SOFTmetal®: A high-foaming cleaner specially formulated to be used with O2XYadd, this alkaline cleaner is used to activate hydrogen peroxide and is an effective general-purpose cleaner.
  • O2XYadd®: Hydrogen peroxide-based and intended to be used in conjunction with SOFTmetal®, this cleaner is highly effective in food processing plant environments and safe for all types of surfaces.
  • O2XYfloor®: A dry, non-foaming alkaline compound, this product is mixed with water to generate hydrogen peroxide. It is can be used in drains as well as on floors, condensate pans, and other areas.
  • WC-805 DIGESTER: A natural enzyme cleaner, this product reduces the frequency of drain blockages, allowing wastewater to flow freely and preventing flooding across processing areas.

The Problem: Cleaning Drains Efficiently and Cost Effectively

There are many challenges associated with commercial drain cleaning for the food industry. In processing facilities, meeting federal safety regulations and achieving thorough cleanliness is vital. Unfortunately, coatings of harmful bacteria and microorganisms, also known as biofilms, coat drain systems and are frequently resistant to regular cleaning procedures.

As a result, commercial drain systems not only need to be cleaned regularly but with specialized products. Industrial drain cleaning has traditionally been a complex and costly task. The cleaning process requires multiple steps and specialized cleaning products.

The Solution: Wayne Chemical Products

Our cleaning products are highly effective against microbial pathogens such as listeria and salmonella, among others. In our case study, after implementing O2XYfloor® in a food processing plant, the rate of positive testing for listeria decreased by 70%, without making any other changes. By applying our product around drains and throughout high-traffic areas, a significant improvement in sanitation was achieved.

After adding in SOFTmetal® and O2XYadd® to the plant’s cleaning procedures, listeria was completely eliminated. Finally, WC-805 DIGESTER was used to thoroughly clean out the drains, protecting the plant from flooding and preventing the microorganism contamination that occurs as a result.

The Result

The customer was elated at the quick and effective results that were achieved using Wayne Chemical products. Their environmental swab results showed a clean and safe food processing environment and they have continued to use these products to proactively prevent any future bacteria problems.

Find Your Drain Cleaning Solution

Wayne Chemical products eliminate even detergent-resistant biofilms, creating clean, free-flowing drain systems in industrial food processing environments. To eliminate bacteria in your commercial space and start proactively preventing future outbreaks, get in touch with our team today.

About Wayne Chemical, Inc.

Wayne Chemical, Inc. has been providing sanitation chemicals and equipment products and service to the food processing industry since 1969. We stand as a single-source supplier of sanitation solutions for food processing facilities of all types and sizes. To see how the experts at Wayne Chemical can help you upgrade your sanitation program and equipment, please contact us or request a quote today.